Friday, August 5, 2011


Trunx had been a wicket-keeper for quite some time now. He liked it because it gave him the best view of everything that happened in the game. He felt that from here he was always part of the action. That action, involved a lot of things amongst which were the special deliveries his bowlers bowled. Some of them were good and some were special, the ones which the batsman needed all their skills to face. Ketsu hadn’t produced one so far in this match. He had heard of Ketsu’s special delivery from opposing batsman before, that it could never be played. He himself had never seen it, but he did not approve of what they called it, naming it like that was just heights of exaggeration. Whatever it was, Trunx knew that Ketsu had to do something special now; this batsman is just running away with the game.

He looked at Ketsu getting ready for his run-up. The air around the ground had gone still, and the clouds parted as if the ones above also wanted to witness what was about to happen. Ketsu’s head dint move and his stare was frozen like that off an animal of prey. He began his run-up. It was smooth, in fact it was like a trance, every step measured. On nearing the crease, he saw Ketsu leap to deliver the ball, the action was majestic and suddenly there was a flash, a blinding one, and Trunx immediately knew…it was what they called…. The Hand of God…the next thing he saw was the middle-stump cartwheeling towards him at blinding speed. He ducked just in time. The flying stump nearly killed him; he wondered what had happened of the batsman. He dint care much though, for he wanted to run towards Ketsu to hug him for that magical delivery. But what he saw re-defined the word special. Ketsu was standing at the middle of the pitch, head bowed down in reverence. Trunx knew then that this was beyond special, it was purely divine. The Hand of God had delivered.

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